What is Colorama paper?

At Studio 5, our Manchester photography studio, we use Colorama seamless paper for our photography backdrops.

We choose to use Colorama background paper in our photography studio because we believe that it is simply the best paper on the market. The Colorama background paper rolls are seamless and crease-free, they are also very effective when being used for flash photography as they don’t produce any shine or reflection like some of the cheaper brands do. They are also available in an impressive 55 colours!

We stock a large number of colours on-site in the photography studio, but if there is a specific colour that you would like to use for your shoot then please use the Colorama colour chart to select your colour, and we will order it in for you in time for your session from our preferred supplier in the UK, Manfrotto.

In our photography studio, we use 2.72m wide backdrops from the Colorama range. As we have found that this is the best width for full-length standing portraits, and also group shots, which allows more flexibility for you to be creative with your photography during your time in our studio.

Below is the handy colour chart to help you find your next colour. Please quote this colour in the description when booking online.

Chart, treemap chart

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