Why won’t my wireless flash trigger fire?

There is nothing more frustrating that wasting valuable studio time trying to get equipment working.

We have listed our top 3 tips to check if you are struggling to get the off camera flash to fire for your Canon or Nikon camera. You will be surprised how often it is always the most obvious thing!

  • Check the channel first! For the transmitter and receiver to communicate they should be set to the same channel. You can use the test button to confirm that the transmitter and receiver are communicating. The test button will trigger the flash directly.
  • Have you attached the flash trigger transmitter to your camera correctly? If you can trigger the flash via the test button on the transmitter but not when firing a shot from your camera then its worth taking the trigger off of the hot shoe and reattaching it firmly ensuring the trigger is all the way on and secured so the transmitter connections are fully connected to your camera flash.
  • Batteries? If you can’t fire the flash from your camera or the trigger then try replacing the batteries, It’s not uncommon for batteries to go during a long session, most studios including studio 5 have rechargeable batteries on hand so do switch the batteries out and see if that helps.